you…do I need you?


You ring at inopportune times,

I never can find you

in the deep, dark

pitch black of my black bag,

or in the multiple pockets of my

blue backpack

You exasperate me when you ring downstairs… somewhere and

I’m in my cozy red chair… reading… with my blanket curled around,

Mostly you give me messages that I don’t really want to respond to,

Somehow even  telemarketers have found their way to your number.

I carry you in the car for emergencies, but you ring there and scare

me as I jump to answer,

A truck became highly annoyed as I was talking to you, as I tried to merge


I love that I can write mini letters on you and send them to friends at random,

but never in traffic, it could just be disastrous

My family tells me that I don’t respond to their messages and most of the

time I just forget that I even have you and forget to check for

missed calls or long and windy


Now… if I had that new phone with a whopping data plan.. you know the one

that will bring me up to date with twitter, face time and complete

digital access

maybe then I would improve and would treat you with more respect,

maybe then I would begin to love love your sound and would keep you

close for instant access and company

and you would never be alone in

the dark places, because my hand would probably be glued to your face



About Nanc

lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. Dad’s not buying you an iphone:) Unless…….you start answering the one you’ve got! Plus my messages are not long and windy and you know you cherish them…I love you and your writing

  2. This made me laugh. I have considered whether or not I even need a cell phone. I would love to have an iPhone, but I think it would be a long ways down the road yet since I debate whether I even really need just a regular cell phone without a data plan. I know that I won’t be canceling my cell phone either though since when it comes down to it, I am used to the convenience.

  3. So funny… yes I think you need the iPhone 🙂 My phone actually broke last weekend and I could not sleep wondering what I would do if I was not for an upgrade! Luckily my husband was so I took his ;-)) I was told I would have to wait 21 days for the iPhone 5 and I was like are you crazy?? I had to settle for the 4S. Thanks for my morning chuckle!

  4. My feelings exactly about cell phones. I have mine only for emergencies or travel, so most people don’t try to reach me on it. Technology is great, but I’m just not ready to jump into a new cell with all the bells and whistles – sounds too much like work trying to figure it out! I have trouble enough with answering e-mails!

  5. I have different feelings about the cells. I’ve had too many emergencies in the past year & really was so grateful to have my iPhone, to look up places, text when I couldn’t really talk, etc. I guess it all depends on the need. Before I was just a bit lazy about it. Now, I need it.

  6. You make me laugh with your poem. It is so silly to be so attached to a gadget, but I must admit, I do carry it everywhere. How life has changed in the phone/communication world!

  7. I just got an iPhone 4S last November and I love it. It’s so useful! That being said, I can totally relate to your writing. (Oh, and I couldn’t find my phone when it rang ever-so-softly earlier today. It was in my jacket pocket — of course. Luckily I caught it right before it went over to voicemail.)

  8. Did you find your phone today? I have a bright pink case for mine, or I would never be able to find it. Instant accrss, always available. Sometimes I like to leave my phone in the bottom of my backpack.

  9. It is both the lifeline and the bane of my existence. Your message is even more universal than I think you even realized! The best part of about cell phones is that we can ignore them in the depths of our bags. Although, if you have just the RIGHT cell phone, you might find more reasons to dig it out of there!

    • Hi Christie, I love reading your blog…so I was happy when you commented on my cell phone story….irony…I just got a hand me down smart phone from my foster daughter. I’m excited about also getting 4 data plans for the cost of 2!!! so…my husband got a new smart one…I know he will help me…but I’m excited to twitter with the professional literacy world, if I can find it. xo nanc

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