One Year and Still Finishing Strong

Can't wait to see the new image for the slice challenge !

Loving the Slice

It was February last year and I was determined that I would figure this blog thing out.  I had long been a lurker on several blogs. I read the Slice of Life stories and found myself grabbing ideas for school and also for the university that I work for part-time.  I followed Stenhouse authors and really loved reading journals and research that would stretch me in my career.  When the vision was cast last year, I thought… “Why not me?”

For a long time wrote weekend thoughts to my teacher friends and would share places that I had visited on the web that might help them in their classrooms. Now with Pintrest, I’ve become  somewhat obsolete.   So… I decided to my hand at following Ruth and Stacey and their suggestions for a creating this blog that was absolutely free.  I admit, there were parts I struggled with.  There are tools and words I still don’t understand on the blog.  For example I don’t get what ‘akismet stats’ is and I don’t get tagging or categories, however, it hasn’t bothered me enough to lose sleep over.  Today I want to encourage all of you who are considering trying this on-line community to definitely take the plunge.  It has made me acutely aware of how important it is to document our lives and also understand how difficult first draft writing can be.  The people who are on this blog I trust.   It is a true writing community.   When a person isn’t able to write for a week I wonder if they or sick, hurt or sad- maybe too sad to write.  I love the very distinct writing voices of my friends.

Last year I remember choosing the design for my blog, it mattered to me.  I wasn’t giving too much thought to the writing at that point…I wanted the format of my blog to reflect an aspect of my hippie personality.  I still love the paisley design, the colors and the paper that I am writing on.  Next, I had to think of a name for my blog.

It actually is a name that honors something that was a big part of my life for so many years, athletics. My husband Dave coached  sports for about 30 years in our local school district.  Forever I will be so proud of how he marked the lives of his players in every one of those years.  He loved to win, he hated to lose. But he always understood that  how you played the game was what really mattered.  He talked to them always about ‘finishing strong‘.  My own two daughters and son were on his teams and they will remember how he insisted on a strong work ethic in practice and also always wanted them to also go ‘all out’ in every game they played.  This is how I want to be remembered at my school, working hard for the kids and teachers up until the last-minute of my career.

Now, what about the ‘Two Years’ part?  It is something in my personality that is strange… the moment I start a school year, I feel that it is over.  How many of you on the first day of Christmas vacation say to your spouse, “I feel like it is over already”  It has always been the running joke at our house.  So in actuality last year when I created the blog in February I felt like the year was in the books.  I probably should have named it 2 and a half years and finishing strong, but that was too wordy.  I like the name so I won’t change it even though now I have only one year left in a career that leaves me still breathless with wonder on most days.

I am a little more nervous about writing a post a day this year.  I finally resolved that if I couldn’t come up with a new post I will go back, revisit and redecorate old posts.  Why redecorate, you are probably asking?  I guess ‘revision’ has such a negative connotation for me.  I love to redecorate…so maybe that is just something I can try, at least once a week.

Let’s get the brushes out and begin the masterpieces ! XO

About Nanc

lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. Good morning Nancy. I look forward to reading your slices every day in March. I love to hear about your life, what you ate for breakfast, and what you are thinking. And redecorating adds new color.

  2. It is so fun to read about the “road” that brought you here. It’s an interesting journey we all take, but it is so worth it to be a part of this community. Your zest for life come through your words and I hope one day we will meet face to face.

  3. I love reading how others came about to start blogging, and all that is has brought into their lives. Look forward reading your March slices!

  4. It’s fascinating to know how people chose names for their blogs or how they joined the slice of life community. I can hear your hesitation for a second year of blogging. You will be surprised to find that ideas won’t stop. There is a lot of inspiration around, and yes, some of it will come from your own previous writing. I personally thought that I would blog just for a month. It will be my third time to join March challenge. It’s not so much the writing that worries me, more the fact that there isn’t enough time to read and comment as much as I wished.

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