the fight that was, almost

I'm starting to notice more.

I’m starting to notice more.

I’m waking up early with Pam to write, to think, to go get blood work done on a cold and frosty Saturday morning…good times.  I got there at 7 am to a giant parking lot with no cars at the medical center.  No coffee, a little crabby I said to myself, “Oops, I bet the nurse said 7 am  on the weekdays, not the weekend.”  I should have stayed home and at least added to my post and commented.”  I stayed toasty car and turned up the tunes and relaxed, even though I didn’t have my book, notebook or planner with.  This is when my little story gets interesting.  Car #2 pulls in and then Car #3 pulls in.

The lady in Car#2 gets out of the car and walks to the door in her heavy down coat with gloved hands.  So, I thought maybe she knows something I don’t, so I followed.  I got up to the door; she was in front.  Of course, I’m just wearing my heavy Judson sweatshirt and have no gloves.  I pull my hands into my sweatshirt pocket, thinking I’d be in the door, wishing I could get this done fast, because of my brewing coffee head ache.

Then right up behind me comes Car #3.  She was younger, thinner and had more information.  

Car #2 starts pounding on the door to attract the nurses attention, obviously wanting to get the show on the road.  

Car #3 obviously says to Car #2, “Don’t do that, it doesn’t open until 8am on the weekends, 7 on the weekdays. I come twice a week, they won’t come to open it earlier.”  

I wonder why she has to come twice a week.

Car#2 retorts,”Why not?  That makes me mad.  It is cold out here.  They should let us in.”

Car#3 says, “Why should they?  I punch a time clock as a flight attendant and why would I get there earlier than I am getting paid for? They do too, and they shouldn’t have to do anything beyond their hours.”

Car #2 says, “You’ve got to be kidding, who are you to talk to me that way? I have a right to say and think what I want.”

“Yes you do, I guess, I’m just saying…”

I think, why can’t we just sing Kum-by-yah and warm up together in a little group?

Car #1,  oh, that’s me, whines, “All I know is that I just can’t wait to get some coffee.”  Silence, world war has been averted, I guess.

The door eventually opens, we line up, we wait, we’re served, we leave.  I still am still left wondering about Car # 3 who needs to get her blood drawn twice a week.  I hope she gets better.  Car #2 yep, I just don’t have any sympathy for that kind of impatience.


About Nanc

lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. Whoa, this was an interesting post! As I was reading, different scenarios of what might happen next kept poping into my head… Great job keeping the reader wondering!

  2. Hello Nancy. Love the dialog. How funny. That lady needs a blood transfusion, crabby blood for kind blood. I will pray for the lady who gets her blood drawn twice a week, and I will pray for crabby pants as well.
    Hope you are well Nancy.
    I was awake at 5:00 painting stripes on long underwear.

  3. It’s amazing how this challenge can make see and live differently… Wat might have just been blown off and an odd lexhcange has now stayed with you and pushes you to reflect … Perhaps you’re thinking about car #3 would be and interesting topic to explore for a bigger piece!! It’s true, ideas for writing are all around us!! I hope you go tour coffee!

  4. Hi, Nanc – hope all is well and this was just a checkup. Loved your narrative of this dialog. It was like a tennis match with the ball bouncing back and forth. I’m sure Car #2 was just having withdrawal from her lack of caffine (thinking positively). And hopefully, Car #3’s blood draw was for prevention purposes.

  5. What a great encounter to record. Hmm, wonder what car #2 would say if she knew her words have been recorded and reported? Your car #1 (oh, that’s me) cracked me up. Sometimes people can be so ignorant with each other.

  6. Dear Car #1 – you are a great and funny writer! I’m amazed that we call these “small moments” when really they are so very big! I’ve experienced on-going medical treatments with a close friend (will prob show up in my writing soon) and I was always surprised that illness didn’t change people’s personalities. Crabby stayed crabby, no matter what! Thank you for adding humor to an otherwise bad situation all around. 🙂

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