Princess finally arrived at Midway Airport in a sweet, sleepy bundle. She immediately wanted to hold her Papa Dave and let me give kisses. Sam remembered us! She just has to be the smartest two-year old in the world. I do know one thing for sure after being with Princess for a week… she is the most exuberant two-year old I’ve known for many years. She is rivaled only by my firstborn, her mommy, Em.

She needs to be on the move constantly, navigating our two-story home adeptly. She has opened every dresser and cabinet drawer, unscrewed every bottle, opened ever door, climbed on top of every table and hung from the elliptical and tried to make friends with a mother and baby raccoon strolling through our backyard. And all that happened just in the two hours after I got home from school today. She is joyful, amazing, ambitious and has no fear,
Except… when her Mommy and Daddy are not in sight.

They are her rocks, they are teaching her to fly. This little girl has traveled more miles in her two year old life than I have in my uh…50 something years. In the last two weeks before they landed in Illinois she has lived in 8 different homes. Her security lies in the two most familiar faces to her, Em and John. On Friday night, Emily and John went on a date without her. When it was time for bed there was heart wrenching wailing coming from Sam’s little body and mine!

I never really thought that this would be our life. I thought Em would marry a boy from our town and live down the block. I thought that I would probably get to cuddle my grandchildren as much as I cuddled with my own grandma. I never thought I would hear my grandchild’s first word over a miraculous machine that lets us chat and see each other. Our lives are sometimes unexpected and different from what we thought they would become. I’m learning how to live like this…. and some days it is very hard.

One thing I know is this, I would never trade this little person and her two wonderful parents for all the coffee in South America! And I really, really love my coffee.

Oh, and Papa Dave? I would be kind of lost without him too.

Here are some pictures from the greatest pumpkin patch around…

PS Where is Sam in the princess costume??? It is not hemmed yet…she does not stand in one place long enough to pin it up. Hopefully, it will get done this week in time for Trick or Treating.

feeding the giraffe

feeding the giraffe

Corn crib is like one huge sandbox, but much cleaner!

Corn crib is like one huge sandbox, but much cleaner!

food is my life

food is my life


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lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. Your Sam sounds very much like my Kate. Full of spunk. I love it.

    I felt a little bit of sadness in your words about the distance between you and your daughter and her family. I’m sure that must be so hard at times. I can’t imagine having that much distance between my mom and I.

    I’m so happy Sam remembered you guys! How happy that must have made you!

  2. Oh, she’s so cute. Wonderful that she remembered you, & that you’re having this special, special time. I know you’ll enjoy each moment-love the pics! And, looking forward to that princess dress on Sam!

  3. I know how hard distance is, but the technology we have now surely softens it a little. I wish we would have had that when my kids were little and my mom lived away. Your little Same is adorable!

  4. Nancy, thank you for sharing a slice of your life. How wonderful to have your daughter and family in your home. I understand your sadness. I left home when I was 20 and have never lived in the same town as my mother. She rarely sees my children, her grandchildren.
    Life is never what we expect.
    I love and miss my mother. It has been three years since I last saw her. I pray your week will feel like ten million years.

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