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slice button this marchFor those of you just tuning in today, I have been on a writing quest…trying to figure out what is next in my career.  I will be retiring from the day-to-day in June.  Many days I just don’t feel ready.  I thought that maybe by writing about my career, I would start to see the new path a bit more clearly.

In writing we try, or at least when I taught 7th grade to apply slow motion to a scene.  I’m going to try the opposite,  kind of like middle of the night thinking for me….loved school…loved team…wasn’t sure about having my own family…pregnant…oops…feisty strawberry blonde chickie Emily Anne...DIVIDED HEART…long drive and woes in the snow…yikes…oops…big boy Jeff came home in a Bear’s uniform (last time they were good)… double DIVIDED HEART and a husband that coached all year and graded papers every after church while watching Bears and Bulls (who were good)...DIVIDED HEART , punished by a toddler who wanted his mama more than just two hours a night…resignation…multiple jobs…Lamaze teacher…YMCA toddler teacher…


teacher supervisor,



besides children,

I’m in love with adults,

teaching all sorts of crazy things,

and then…

no more hour and half commutes in the snow and ice, torrential rain and wind,

a half time reading opportunity



half time really is code for no plan time, lunch, or insurance

are we all ready what full-time means?

yes and no…

Nancie, Smokey, Donald early pioneer leaders,


preparing my way,

my itching,

for my life of  teaching


13 year  olds,

who some claim

are the selfish years,

the testy years,

 and yes sometimes

the craze of hormones challenged my love,

but is still lingers there,

even today

 as I do a lesson

in reading closely,

I crave the age where they learn far more out of the classroom

than in

what a blessing they were,

an all-consuming, harrowing ride,


my child was in the same grade,


they got more of my soul

than my own




it was

time to


Draft 3

somehow I’m

…always revising….


About Nanc

lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. I love your words – Divided Heart. So goes life. Making choices, dividing up what is there of you to give. I love how you are reflecting on your very rich life almost like snap shots. Sometimes the past feels like that. Keep writing and revising!

  2. A divided heart, yes, but one that was full too – always ready for new experiences and open to change. And, yes, we are always revising – lines, lives, our hopes and dreams.

  3. I felt I was on the ride with you. I was looking forward to your writing this week about your career. It seems the journey through your past will lead you to your future. Divided heart- what a great way to put into words the feeling so many of us have as educators.

  4. Woah. That was quite a ride. I felt like I was reading my own current life!! Work, children, teaching kids, teaching adults….. I have whiplash.

    I don’t know where your path is headed but I sure hope you keep writing!

  5. Deciding to leave a job is never easy. My whole last year of teaching I kept teetering between should I stay or should I leave. Although I really loved teaching, I don’t regret for one minute the choice to retire. You will find a whole new world that will open up to you.

  6. I hope your writing helps you sort it out, but I’m enjoying the journey you’ve taken us on. So much living in all those years. You will find a new life after leaving the daily classroom.

  7. I love the burst of life shown in your words, Nancy, such tender moments within sudden changes that I am guessing you took as well as you could. It seems that we are all revising (I love those lines) & taking the next steps needed. I am loving your journey that you’re sharing with us! Thank you!

  8. I hope you are getting as much from this journey that you are writing about as I am. I can relate to so many things, including retiring this year and not knowing what is next. But I do know it will all be good – for both of us!

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