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The 5 are sitting before me.  I know them, they know me.  One student couldn’t focus for even 10 seconds in kindergarten.  He went to a private school, thinking that they would get tough, get him in shape.  He came back in 2nd. Semi-Sweet little pumpkin that really just thought learning her sounds, her letters was not muchslice button this march fun in kindergarten highlights happily now in 3rd.  Jet black hair, he sits silently, obediently, English is not his first language even though the family pretends their hardest that he’s not.  He tries so hard, but we know it will be at least 5 years. Another lad is finishing up as fast as he can.  If you could see the dot you’d notice the anger, the rage that percolates.  He too was moved from this school to a charter and now back again with his family here…but his home family is troubled.  One lassie is missing from the group  frail, fragile, her parent probably couldn’t move her out the door this morning.  I wonder if her family is deciding that she might have to stay home the whole length of the testing.

This is our reality for two weeks.  These children will try their best and feel somewhat discouraged, I’m sure.  The best part in today’s was the joy of opening the seal, unwrapping their candy, and  subsequently playing with the candy wrapper.   For me, it was seeing my young friends  from a few years back.  Now we are done, I’m checking the shiny black dots.  They want to show me the cursive they are learning.  Only one wants to read a book and that makes me a little sad.  I start talking about Babymouse…maybe tomorrow I will have some extra time at the end.  I’m dying for a time to read Carnivores.  I know they’ll love it!


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lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. So beautiful and hearbreaking at the same time. It is so hard to watch our little ones struggle through these weeks and know that we can only offer a pat on the back, a hug at the end. I feel like I may have a class of these kids during these two weeks. Pep talks and lots of understanding are what are getting me through. This was a piece I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Somehow I believe your love, care and understanding moves through this test taking space. But *sigh*…really…it is hard not to HATE what testing does to these kids as it tells so very little of their stories. Two weeks will pass…

  3. We expect all children to be the same, have similar backgrounds and take a one-size-fits-all test. How lucky these students are that they have someone who knows, understands, and cares about them.

  4. What a waste of quality time. Imagine what you could do with them if someone asked you what would be best for them? But then you’re a teacher, what do you know?

  5. Our tests are next week. I’ll have a group similar to this. This weekend, I will buy treats and gather good books (Carnivores? Hmmm) and maybe find some cool new markers. We are going to have a good time!

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