a new book…Soccer Star


SoccerStarI know that this is against the rules; but it is my last post and I’m so excited about this opportunity.  Last year during the ‘slice’ I got an advance copy of a book by an author that I greatly admire.  It was her third book and I was so excited to be able to review her book during the ‘slice’.  This year I wrote to a relatively new author after I was so excited about hearing of her new picture book coming out April 8th.  I told Mina Javaherbin about the ‘slice’ and she agreed to send me an advance copy for her new book, one I will use in my university class this April. So….I am breaking the ‘slicing’ rules on the last day, and sharing this amazing book.  It is about ‘futbol’, the game that the world plays.  Outside of the United States, the game of soccer reigns supreme.

Her latest book, Soccer Star, set in Brazil, arrives on the shelves April 8th.  This is her second book about soccer and it will score big in your elementary classroom this year, before the World Cup games are played in June. The story follows Paulo as he dreams big dreams of soccer stardom.  He hopes to become a star so that his mother won’t have to continue to work so hard and so long to put food on their very humble table.

The author note at the beginning of the book tells of many children in Brazil who work hard to help their families survive.  Many soccer stars world-wide continue to have the same dream as Paulo does.  Paulo works with a fisherman who also plays soccer with him.  Paulo then returns the favor and teaches his little sister the soccer moves and she teaches him math that she learns in school.  Of course his sister Maria begs to play with Paulo and his friends,  however, his team has one rule, “no girls”.  And then one day… This is a story of bravery, of hope and a story that your students, regardless of their social economic status will relate to.  They will beg you to read this story over and over again.  Books like Soccer Star and her first book, Goal,have special power to unite children around the world.  Students will see that we are more alike than different and that their dreams can really come true, for boys and girls alike.

…and she scores, again !

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  1. I’ve seen it reviewed before, Nancy. Looks terrific. I’ve been happy to read your posts all month-always fun, sometimes serious, but good! Best wishes! (And why against the rules. Isn’t reading, etc. a part of your life?)

  2. I have enjoyed being on this journey with you the entire month…I hope you continue to write and post…I will miss your posts if you don’t!!!
    PS- The book looks great and I will pass on the info to our librarian and see if we can get a copy or two in our library! Thanks for the share!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great review! It seems like a book that many children would love. You are so right about soccer reigning supreme everywhere else in the world. I will have to keep an eye out for this book in the future.

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