Monthly Archives: May 2014

ending the silent blog streak


You know me, I’m never silent, especially when I’m in pain,

I talk, I moan, I cry, I whine,

But I have been silent on




this blog

for a month….not wanting to

look at my friendly

paisley design

saddened because I really never thought

my years of teaching

would ever


Two and a half years of finishing strong

I wrote

I poured out my heart on this page,

Completed it … nearly done

I finished my last years with your help, finding joy in a new community of friends.

Thank you,

because I know

this habit now resides deep,

and you will be there,

as I start my new life  of…

writing for my district, writing for my God, writing with my university students

writing with you,

and of course

writing for myself.


PS  just because I like them…I’ve been silent because of all the writing that I have needed to do for my class at the university and all the writing I’ve needed to do for my church community…so pretty much I have been in  another Slice of Life challenge.  I’ve missed you and will be able to get in the…reading and commenting phase soon as well.

PSS   Taking on 4 jobs when you are trying to clean a very messy room and bookroom isn’t recommended…just remember that, because someday…someday…

love to write, love to think, love to SLICE... please join our community

love to write, love to think, love to SLICE… please join our community