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our freedom, our vote matters


The last time I wrote a post, I wanted to encourage everyone to vote and ask people to pray that I would get my Dad Bob’s ballot to him in time. Crunch time was looming, and Cook County hadn’t sent out their ballots yet, but like politics in Chicago, they must have been waffling and arguing back and forth a bit before they put them in the mail. I put it as kindly as I can, Cook County isn’t known for their speediness.

Finally, I reached in his mailbox one day, and there it sat on a pile of very expensive colored pleas for his vote. I probably held in my hand at least ten dollars of waste.

We both have known for about three years who my father wanted to vote for, and the kind social worker at rehab assured me that he would help my dad with the task. I quickly said, “Please make sure you read the directions before you go to his room because it is the first thing he will ask you.” And sure enough, he did, as the social worker observed and later texted me.

Today as I picked up my online, free groceries from Jewel, I noticed a ‘vote early bus’ parked in the lot. My heart soared, let freedom reign, I thought to myself, as I viewed a long line of citizens standing, socially distanced with masks.

I said to myself, may the best man and woman win(some of you just stopped reading, but I’m okay with that!) Then I quickly say a prayer that I can accept the outcome, whatever it is.

It’s what I believe; it’s what I’m counting on every time I walk to the rehab window to see my dad through the glass windows near the prickly bushes.

An evil voice inside of me scolds, “Stay away. This doesn’t matter to your dad.”

“Oh, yes, it does!” I would shout back to the darkness and cry as I left him.”

I remember:

Prayer is my tether to my God who loves me enough to send his son to die for my sin and my angry thoughts about people who think—

they are less free because our governor says we need to wear masks,       

and my anger towards those who believe it is okay for separation of  parents from their children at the border,

and my anger towards people who think it’s okay to concoct a scheme to kidnap the Michigan governor.

(apologizing for the sentence length) 

Oh, I almost forgot about those people who condone automatic weapons outside of the military.

Vote, my friends, on FaceBook. Vote my friends on Twitter. Vote my friends on my blog.  Please cast your ballot for the person that you view as having the most integrity.

PS For those who think I’m not, Pro-Life, I am. I am Pro-Life in and out of the womb. Now finally, I’ve said my peace—until next time. XO