Spring Wildness



Honking geese,

Hissing geese,

Red-tongue waggling geese.

I take aim with my laser pointer. The pair does not exit to water. Anger, springs.

I use words. Go to the island. That is your home. You are not welcome here. You are messy; you do not listen. You never fly south. You terrorize.

Now up close, I raise my wings, become large.

One sits solidly on the bank, but the other, raises up to his enemy,


Still determined I press forward eye to eye we face off.

I shoot the laser in his evil goosey eye,

He does not blink.

My arms grow weary. I fold them in front of me in praying surrender, and start to back away.

The two geese switch positions quickly,

As I continue to stare, I know there is only one reason they would switch positions.


Five fat eggs will be hatching,

Mama and Papa fiercely protect—

Spring, on Pine Lake.




8 responses »

  1. You are so brave! I’m terrified of geese. I love the way your described your encounter. Was the laser pointer supposed to terrify them? Gorgeous pics!

  2. Nanc, what a lyrical rendering of your goose-battle! It’s a joy to read although I know how horrifically messy geese are – and they DO sometimes terrorize. They are beautiful from a distance, say, flying overhead and honking to one another…and they’re beautiful in your photos. Their fierce protection of their young is poignant, too. Alas. Will they go back to the island, you think, after the eggs hatch and the goslings are grown?

  3. I have a gaggle of geese that sit right outside my window. They are my honking alarm clock. My neighbor is a goose-enabler. I’m learning to observe and appreciate. Love your words and photos!

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