gimme a break


The spider infestation made its way into our bedroom. On Sunday I saw one round mark on my forearm. On Monday Dave felt several itchy places on his head. On Tuesday, my guy who does everything the right way went on a cleaning frenzy in-between stretches of watching news programming our national crisis. Tuesday night we both slept like rocks. Wednesday I noticed many mysterious bites on both forearms. I washed my t-shirts, sweatshirts jeans.

That wasn’t hard because I’ve rotated my comfy pants, my comfy jeans, and the same two t-shirts from last March until yesterday. Oops— I forgot the soccer pants I wore almost every day of the summer. My jeans are now too tight, so if I was really being honest I’ve worn my pajama pants day and night for about a month now. I’ll put those in the washing machine too.

Sometime along the way, something must have been exposed to spiders. Because even though I don’t see them, I know they are coming up to visit and nibble in the middle of the night.

Come on…gimme a break!

I’ve endured a 95 year-old-dad with a shattered ankle, a 10 week (no-see-HIM) rehab horror story, 3 children in far off places that I can’t go and see, and 4 grandkids that I haven’t snuggled for too long now.  I’ve led large Zoom Bible study groups with no training with only a wing and a prayer. I’ve only crashed, burned, and been locked out about every other session but for this 60 something girl, it feels like a heart attack just waiting to happen. Am I getting too dramatic here? No, no I’m not

Gimme a stinkin’ break already, would you?

Spiders and all other nasty things like COVID-19, and a sad and very divided country.

Please, oh please, you can gimme just a little break, I know you can …

We need some love around these parts of Illinois and could people just start saying a few please and thank yous again, I know we’re wearing masks, but I’m sure in 1917 they still made a point to be kind to everyone. After all, it makes our world go around. Thank you by the way for letting me vent. So if you don’t give a break I’ll just take my own and I’ll be back after a time.



 Hmmm…Thank you that I can take my next breath— others can’t today.

Thank you that people love me because— others aren’t so sure that they are loved.

Thank you for shelter— others who live close to me are couch-surfing, or worse.

Thank you for my sometimes disagreeable family—  I have a friend without one living relative.

Thank you for crip clean air, a hint of miraculous flakes falling, and water I can drink from a faucet—others have to escape fires, 844 million do not have access to clean water.

Thank you for the free press, public education, freedom of religion, and the right to vote— all people across the world don’t have many of our freedoms.

My list, God,  is still incomplete. But at least now, with this break, I can breathe again.

Thank you, Ruth, for the encouragement to write our hearts.

Thank you for writing SOS Magic posts,  friends.

PS I know many of you keep gratitude lists…

PSS Now is a great time to start, if you don’t!





About Nanc

lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. Oh Nanc, really? Spiders? Yes, you need a break! We all need a break from turmoil and tension. As you point out, we have so much to be thankful for, we just need to take the time and recognize that. I am so thankful you have blown the dust off this little blog and I get to catch up on your world every now and then. Take care my friend, the world needs you. 🙂

  2. It’s those little frustrations that just tip you over the edge, right? I hope you get rid of the spiders! And I loved the voice and structure of this piece. Your writing is always so much fun to read, and so encouraging!

  3. We understand those times when we wonder how there can be one more thing pressing in…and all of it together is pressing in hard. It’s so good to lean in to others and to HIM. You have shared a wonderful reminder with your story.

  4. You write with such energy and strength of spirit, finding light and wonderful wit even in these dark times. You have endured so much – and your faith shines so bright. Know that you are a balm and this place one of calm (and fun!) for those who come to read your words.I hope those spiders are gone now!

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