I just want to read

book love

book love

I have always been this kind of reader.   I will  start a book and I literally don’t want to put it down until I finish.  This has always been a problem, for thirty-five years of marriage and twenty-nine of those raising children, it has been a problem…mainly because my life hasn’t ever let me read like that.   Oh, to be ten years old again!

So my big compromise has really been reading my fiction during Christmas vacation, Spring vacation and summer vacation; I read non-fiction very differently…but that maybe is another post.  So a few days before our trip, I went and got one of my favorite authors and packed her in my backpack, hoping to possibly open her up during the car ride south.  Alas, it was not to be because of leaving at night and then white knuckling it through Indiana’s big storm.

I have also been trying to keep up with the ‘slices’ before Dave tries to get me in the car for at least one adventure every day.  Today it was very hard, because I woke up at 1:00 am and decided to crack open my book to get myself sleepy.  I read for three hours before I felt even a little tired.  I woke up, sliced and then it was off to the antique shops and then to a beautiful state park.  I love to be in new places, but now this book just has me hooked, I can hardly think about any thing else.   I probably will end up finishing this book in the middle of the night, however, if I do that, what will I read on the way home?

I’m wondering if anyone else out there reads like I do.  I would love to hear how you manage your reading life.

Signing off for now…I’ve got to get back to my characters. xo


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lifelong teacher who is semi-retired (does this sound better?) who loves God, family and laughing... who hates social injustice... who wants to write every day... who needs to exercise every day... who blog hops... who wants to live her everyday life led by her savior, Jesus Christ!

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  1. When I am caught in a book, the characters are constantly in my mind. I have a hard time living in the real world because I want to get back to the book world. Reading in the car is the best for concentrated reading time. That is if you don’t need to see the scenery. Enjoy that book!

  2. I manage to put it down, but grab every minute I can during the day to read. I don’t read as you described though, because I’m always reading two or three books at a time, so I jump from one to another in the day. That’s why with some books I string them out for a long while. Sorry, no easy fixes here, but I’m sorry you didn’t get the car reading time. When I lived farther away from work, etc., I did a lot of audio tapes, but now I haven’t done any lately-I miss them! Interesting to hear from others about this!

  3. Like you, I find that I save my fiction reading for breaks. I read a lot of professional books and texts during the in-between. My spring break starts today, and I’m already thinking about what I might pick up. I’ve noticed something though: I’m losing my patience for fiction reading during the in-between. I read professional texts in quick bursts all year long–in between other projects, while I’m waiting for my kids to finish practice, or in order to solve a problem. When it comes time to savor a book for pleasure, I’m finding that I need some transition time. Gone are the days when I read read read every day whenever I could. Gone are the habits and behaviors and ways of reading that I enjoyed then too. I hope to rediscover them this week.

  4. Your post made me laugh. I am just back from renewing my licenses at the Motor Vehicle Dept . The place was packed- 50 people in front of me to do license plate renewals, but I didn’t care because I’m at a really good place in GONE GIRL, and loved having the time to read. Ninety minutes later, I tried to trade the guy sitting on the bench next to me– he had little girls and I was going to let him have my number. Unfortunately, he needed a different line. DARN!

  5. I like to read like this, too- great marathons of reading. I’ve had some very drowsy days and sometimes a messy house because of it. If you find a good solution, let me know…

  6. When i get into a book, I cannot put it down. I try not to read during the school week as I know I will read til I finish. I can’t read to get sleepy – I will read and read.
    During the week I tend to read magazines as I can pick them up and put them down fairly easily.
    Like you I wait for those longer holidays and then dive into some books.

  7. My vacations are rich with reading adult fiction. School time is for PD books and children literature mostly. I wish to read in the evening like I used to, but I am often too tired.

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